Scar Release

What is Scar Release Therapy?

Surgery or traumatic scarring can cause symptoms such as pain or numbness in the scar area; referred pain or lack of sensitivity; and movement restrictions.  Scar Release work can affect nerve tissue to normalise sensations, increase blood flow to the area, and increase lymphatic drainage.  It can also work on an energetic level to promote  emotional healing and wellbeing, as meridians are ‘unblocked’.

Who is is this for?

Primarily anyone with surgical scars,  scars from injury or trauma; no matter how old the scars are, or what size they are;  including knee surgery, Caesarian, hysterectomy or underlying scar tissue injuries.

What can it do?

Help with symptoms associated with scar tissue including the appearance of the scar (it may flatten or change colour to better blend in with the surrounding tissue), numbness or desensitisation, hypersensitivity, burning, itching and pain.

The technique can also be used on areas of underlying scar tissue where there is no external scar on the skin, meaning that issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, Frozen Shoulder and muscle tears from sports injury can also respond brilliantly.

What happens during a session?

A typical session will include a consultation regarding the reasons for the scar (e.g. planned or unplanned surgery, accident or trauma) and your thoughts and feelings surrounding your scar.  The technique is applied directly to the scar and surrounding tissue.

How many treatments will I need?

Scar release work will typically take one initial session, during which no other Bowen work is performed.   If further sessions are needed, these may be in stand alone sessions, or combined with Bowen treatments, depending on your individual circumstances and treatment plan.  70% of clients report good effect after just one session!

If you are a healthcare professional, and interested in learning this technique to use with your own clients, please click HERE.

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