Chinese Reflexology

Foot massage is thought to have originated in China as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.    A fundamental belief in TCM is that of Qi (or Chi), which is the vital life force that flows through every living thing.  In TCM, Qi flows through energy channels known as Meridians.  When these energy channels become blocked or stagnant, disharmony, ill health and disease can occur.   Treatments such as Reflexology aims to aid wellbeing by working the ends of the meridians in the feet, and reflexes which correspond to different parts of the body.   This helps to bring  vitality to the organs and systems in the body to allow improved flow of Qi.

Chinese Reflexology uses more vigorous and deeper massage of the reflexes on the feet to open up the body’s meridian channels, remove congestion in the Qi, and bring vitality back to the body.

How does Chinese Reflexology differ from a Western Reflexology treatment?

Chinese Foot Massage is based on stimulation rather than relaxation, and uses knuckles and sticks to work reflexes.  Lower legs are massaged as part of the treatment, and generally reflexes on the feet are worked more deeply.   The treatment can feel more sensitive,  but all techniques can be adapted to the comfort level of the client.  Clients often report feeling energised after a treatment.

What happens during treatment?

Before your first treatment commences, I will complete an initial consultation with you to ensure that there is no cautions or contra-indications which may prevent you from having treatment.   The treatment itself requires re

moval of shoes and socks, preferably with trousers rolled up to the knee, before you lie back on a treatment couch.  I will use my hands and wooden massage tools to apply pressure on your feet.  The treatment will last approximately 50 minutes.

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