Bowen Technique

Single treatment (please allow up to 1 hour for your appointment): £40

Course of 3 (paid for in advance, typically weekly initially then ongoing top up treatments which can be spread out at intervals to suit you; course to be taken within 6 months): £100


Please be aware that the first time I treat you, I will carry out an initial consultation that may be up to 30mins duration, so please allow extra time for this:   £40

Subsequent treatments (Please allow an hour for your appointment): £40

Wellbeing Groups / Pamper Sessions in your own home: Typically £10-£20 per person depending on length of treatment

Mini treatment (approximately 30 minutes): £25

Children up to 12 years (approximately 30 minutes): £25

Chinese Reflexology 

Please allow an hour for your appointment:  £40

Hot Stone Reflexology

Please allow an hour for your appointment:   £40


There are two options to choose from: £40

  1.  Relaxing: using a blend of organic Bergamot and Lavender essential oils in a Sweet Almond Carrier oil
  2. Energising: using a blend of organic Lemon and Ginger essential oils in a Sweet Almond Carrier oil

Baby Reflex

One off individual session specifically tailored for your baby’s needs (please allow up to 1 hour 30 minutes): £40

Wellbeing Sessions £20 per person (please contact me to find out more –  groups can be structured differently in terms of time / treatments / baby reflex included or not)

One off group session for up to 4 people (price per person, minimum of 2 people): £20


Single treatment (includes consultation on first treatment): £40

Mini treatment (30 minutes): £25

Hopi Ear Candles

Includes relaxing facial massage as part of the treatment (approximately 45 minutes): £40

Clinic On The Green

I also offer Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology and Reiki appointments from the Clinic On The Green at  Bletchingdon on Friday afternoons/evenings.  Prices are slightly different, and different special offers may be available.   Please take a look at the COTG website for more details or to book an appointment, or just contact me directly and I will be happy to help!

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be exchanged for any of the treatments above at my Banbury clinic.  Vouchers can be collected or posted to you on receipt of payment.   £40

Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, or are part of an employee scheme at your place of work, it may be worth checking to see if this covers you for complementary therapies.  Many  companies cover the cost of treatments, including Bowen Technique and Reflexology.


Payment can be accepted on the day via  cash or card.  Alternatively, bank transfers may be completed prior to attending treatment.

Cancellation Policy

Please respectfully note that a 48 hours cancellation policy applies to all bookings.  Any appointment cancelled after this time may be charged at the full rate.