I Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy)

This is a gentle, relaxing, non-intrusive treatment of the ears, thought to have originated from the Hopi Tribe of Native American Indians.  A hopi ear candle is a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey extract and therapeutic oils including camomile, sage and St Johns Wort, known for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.   The candle is inserted into the ear canal to help draw out any impurities within the ear.

The candle works on a chimney principle – the seal created between the candle and the ear causes a mild suction as the vapours inside the ear gently massage the ear drum,  drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be removed, or working their way to the surface up to 48 hours after treatment.  Contrary to some popular beliefs, the candles do not magically ‘suck out’ debris, such as ear wax, but they can loosen compacted wax which can later be gently removed.

How can Hopi ear candling help me?

Ear candling may bring relief from a range of conditions, including:

  • Excessive or compacted ear wax
  • Sinusitis / rhinitis
  • Headache / migraine
  • Stress
  • Irritation in the ears
  • Relief from pain in the ears during flying
  • Hearing problems
  • Tinnitus

What happens during a treatment?

The ears are examined with an otoscope before treatment commences, to check the appearance of the ear, and to ensure treatment is suitable.  The client is then asked to lie on his / her side on a treatment couch, and a protective cloth will be placed around the ear, before the candle is lit and held in place as it burns.

Treatment takes approximately 10 minutes in each ear (the time it takes for each candle to burn),  and the client may feel warmth and hear a pleasant crackling sound as the candle begins to vaporise.  This is followed by a facial massage to help stimulate lymphatic drainage, to help the body expel toxins naturally.

How many treatments will  I need?

This will depend on how you respond to the treatment, and your reasons for having it!  For some people, a short course of weekly treatments may be recommended.  Others find that one treatment, when they feel they need it, is enough to help maintain good health.  A Hopi treatment is  a very relaxing treatment which can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle to reduce stress.

* Hopi ear candles should not be used if there is any inflammation or infection in the ear.  They are also not suitable for people with ear grommets or tubes, perforated ear drums, allergies to any of the products in the candle, or if they have had recent ear surgery.

** Biosun Hopi Ear Candles are subject to regular independent testing, and are certified medical products according to EC guideline 93/42 (EEC).