Gravity Life


What is Gravity Life?

Gravity is a new orthopaedic system designed to help reduce pain and improve your posture.  It uses your own body weight to gently release tension and stiffness, to realign your neck, spine and pelvis.

Gravity is a two piece system consisting of a neck cradle and a triangular keystone which sits under your lower back.  Both have different height spheres, which provide sensory information via the nervous system to your brain.

You simply lie on the keystone, with your neck in the cradle, and allow your own body weight to trigger relief from persistent pain.  This helps muscles relax, releasing tension. Just one 20 minutes session is enough to start the process of realignment, and regular use will help improve  posture and associated tension throughout the whole body, allowing you to realign gently and naturally.


Gravity for Health

The daily routine of using computers, mobile phones and sitting for extended periods has led many of us to poor posture, neck pain, headaches and back pains. We are training ourselves away from a healthy posture. Regular use of the Gravity system takes the body out of the slouched position that is associated with many health problems and retrains us to maintain a more upright posture. A better posture will relieve aches and pains, and associated tension throughout the whole body.  Gravity users have also reported reduced incidence of headaches and migraines, and improved digestion.

In addition, with today’s hectic modern lifestyle, we are frequently exhausted and feeling stressed.  Taking just a few minutes a day to utilise the Gravity system can have massive benefits in terms of wellbeing, as your head is in the perfect position to allow healthy spinal connection and reduce neck tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and  better able to cope with life’s challenges.  Have a look HERE for more information on health benefits from using the Gravity system.

Gravity for Sport

Professional and amateur sports people are benefiting from using the Gravity system – better posture can help boost performance!  Runners benefit from better posture which effects gait, impact on exertion, as well as recovery and endurance.  Cyclists can benefit in an enhanced sense of balance and coordination, and develop power through enhanced trunk stability.  Have a look HERE  for more examples of how Gravity can benefit different sports.


Exclusive Discount Code

Order directly online HERE and use the code BanburyBowen85   (there is a box on checkout which says Therapist# – enter this code here) to purchase a Gravity Life system for only £69 including free delivery (£79 rrp).

Try Before You Buy

I’m offering clients the chance to Try Before You Buy – you can rent a Gravity for £10 a week (plus £20 refundable deposit) to see how you get on with it first.  If you then decide to purchase it, any monies already spent on rental are deducted from final cost.

Recommended Retail Price is £79 but my clients only pay £69 if they purchase through me.

Just contact me to make an appointment to come to my clinic so that I can show you how it works and how to position it correctly. 

Want to know more? Have a look at or just get in touch with me!


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