Mother and Baby Bowen

Bowen is gentle and effective, and it is safe to have throughout pregnancy. And what’s really fantastic, is that your unborn baby gets a treatment too as he/she will pick up on what’s happening in mum’s body, and how she is feeling.  This means that once your baby arrives, and has his/her first Bowen treatment, that they respond even more quickly than a baby who’s mum has not experienced Bowen during pregnancy!

How can Bowen help me?


The Bowen Technique before pregnancy can help couples with fertility and preparing the body for pregnancy.   It is ideal to help realign and balance mum-to-be, as well as helping the father-to-be with both physical and emotional wellbeing. Trying for a baby can be an incredibly stressful time, and it is important to try and reduce the negative effects that stress can have on the body as well as supporting systems, such as the endocrine system (hormones), to be as balanced as they can be in order to promote optimum conditions for conception and a successful pregnancy. In this way, Bowen can also be used to support other fertility treatments.


Bowen is extremely relaxing and can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It is important that clients take time for themselves while the foetus is being formed. Bowen helps prepare the body for labour, and can be helpful for symptoms including:

Morning sickness
Frequent urination
Back pain
Pelvic alignment
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
Digestive problems
Dizziness / fainting
Shortness of breath
Swollen feet and ankles/painful feet
Emotional regulation / mood swings / feeling tearful
Hormonal balance
Supporting healthy kidney function (associated with urinary health and blood pressure regulation)
How can Bowen help my Baby?

Babies who have had a more traumatic birth, including those that have been assisted by forceps or ventouse methods, can benefit from Bowen to help balance their body, including treating headaches and soreness, and supporting their body to get rid of anaesthesia.  Babies born by Caesarian Section can also benefit as their lungs have not been squeezed during birth, so can have fluid and mucus remaining in the bottom of their lungs.

Bowen may also help:

Difficulties feeding
Sleep problems
Digestive issues
Nasal congestion
Chesty babies

What happens during a treatment?

Current issues will be discussed prior to any treatment being given, and position during treatment depends on each client and what is most comfortable for them. Clients may lay on the couch (depending on where they are in their pregnancy), be supported with pillows, or be treated seated or standing up.

Gentle, rolling movements over muscles, tendons and soft tissue are made at precise points on the body. Each sequence of moves is interspersed by a break, during which I usually leave the room, to allow the you to rest. These breaks are a key element of the treatment, and allow time for the brain and body to respond to the moves that have been made.

Appointments usually last between 45 minutes to an hour, and includes consultation at each treatment to discuss how you are progressing. Treatments can be applied through light clothing – please wear loose fitting, or sports clothing or leggings in order to allow the moves to be made more effectively.

Babies are usually treated on a lap (mine or parent), or next to us on a sofa, and mum / partner is present throughout.  Older children may be treated on the couch, or wherever they want to be treated (if they are mobile and don’t want to stay still)!   As with mum, their comfort is paramount.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on you, your reasons for treatment and how you respond to Bowen! Frequency of treatments will be discussed with you on an individual basis – it may be that a short course is helpful to settle particular symptoms, or treatments as and when you feel you need them might work best for you.

The usual rules about leaving 5-7 days between treatment no longer apply during pregnancy due to the massive changes that are happening to the body on a daily basis, so it is safe to give more frequent treatments,  if needed.

Babies require less work as their smaller bodies will be much more sensitive, so less is more.

Any questions?  Please do get in touch!

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